Home charging is the most convenient way of charging

Truth is, we can all use a little less hassle. Home charging is the easiest way for your EV to recharge at night and be ready for the day ahead.

"A charged car, when you need it"

With our home charging solutions, refuelling your car is effortless. Schedule your charging session and your car automatically starts charging while you’re asleep or having dinner. Why waste your time on charging when you can focus on what’s really important at home?

Our smart charging solutions make sure that charging your car at home is safe, fast and will reduce your electricity costs.

"Our chargers are designed to offer maximum charging speed while assuring the integrity of the local grid power supply"

Compact. Connected. Simple


Compact enough to fit in any home, our product is also easy to use


Track, manage and control charging sessions fro our mobile app

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Overcurrent, overheating and RCD protections are integrated

"Our app allows you to control and manage your charging behaviour and activity"

Dedicated Mobile App

Easy Configuration

The app takes you though every step of the configuration

Adjustable Charging Current

The charging current can be changed whenever needed

Remote Control

Remotely start/stop the charging process

"Never worry about overloading your electrical system as our charger automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly"

Smart Load Balancing

Our optional dynamic load balancing system allows your chargers to balance the load on the electrical and EV charging, thereby keeping the total power consumption within the limit of the main breaker. It also enables charging EVs using solar panels for a 100% green driving experience with zero carbon emissions.


Automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly


Ideal for buildings with PV systems or variable power availability

"Expert installation of electric car chargers"

Safe and easy to install

Because our chargers have integrated RCD protection, there’s no need to spend extra money on pricey external devices. Your new charger can be installed by any licensed electrician or by our certified installers. Get in touch so that we may provide you with a no obligation quote for the installation of your new charger.

Save money by connecting your EV charger to the Enemalta EV Meter. We can assist you with the application and related requirements.

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