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Large parking lots, office buildings, and shopping malls can integrate our charging solution to serve their customers and employees as companies and individuals rely on EVs

"Have you noticed an increase in employees driving an EV? Are more of your visitors driving greener vehicles? Perhaps you're looking to electrify your fleet?"

Autel Intelligent MaxiCharger: AC charger for electric cars - EVPoint Malta

Attract top-talent with top-quality EV charging – offer your employees and customers a reliable and easy way to charge their electric vehicles. The system’s flexible payment options allow you to accept every major payment method wile allowing your employees to benefit from discounts. When coupled with our management suite, you gain total control over your charging network from changing tariffs, optimising electricity consumption and monitoring charging performance all with the click of a button.

"Our chargers are designed to offer maximum charging speed while assuring the integrity of the local grid power supply"

Charger Pillar

Mounting types – wall or pillar

Stylish and durable, easily blends with any landscape


Minimalistic design


Easy to install an any plain surface


Designed for external use

Electric Vehicle Charger Pillar - EVPoint Malta

"Employers can offer their employees and visitors simple, straightforward and sustainable charging for office spaces"

Commercial Applications

Vehicle Fleets

Make your company a leader in sustainability and adapting to change. Make the transition to electric cars and reduce operational expenses with lower fuel and maintanance costs.

Company Parking

Become a pioneering establishment that respects the environment and adapts to the latest technology. For a minimal investment you will have a high return in terms of positioning your brand.

Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Centres

We are experiencing a new scenario in which the need for charging points is in continuous growth. Increase the value of your property by adding charging stations and attract new tenants.

Private Parking Networks

Take the opportunity to electrify your car park. Increase the number of customers and offer a batter charging service. We help convert the facilities and provide you with a streamlined and complete management platform.

"Any premises such as parking lots, where vehicles are parked for most of the day, are suitable locations for cost efficient workplace EV charging units"

Dynamic Load Balance and Adaptive Load Management

Our dynamic load balancing system allows your chargers to balance the load on the electrical and EV charging, thereby keeping the total power consumption within the limit of the main breaker. It also enables charging EVs using solar panels for a 100% green driving experience with zero carbon emissions.


Works for installations with a large number of chargers


Suitable for large parking lots, companies and shopping malls


Ideal for buildings with PV systems or variable power availability

Siemens VersiCharge Range: AC Electric Car Chargers - EVPoint Malta

"Smart, solid and high-tech charging stations for electric vehicles"

Flat Cable Installation

Flat cable installation means up to 80% material savings and up to 75% labour savings.

This is a modular system meaning adding chargers involves simple modifications and additions.

EV Flat cable installation - up to 80% material savings and up to 75% labour savings - EVPoint Malta

"High power, Highly flexible"

Superfast DC Chargers

Our DC commercial EV charging stations charge electric vehicles more quickly, making them ideal for roadside charging, short-term parking lots, shopping centres, and strategic traffic flow locations.

Additionally, these chargers are the perfect choice for logistics companies looking to transition to green fleets. Learn more about DC fast charging by contacting us.

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