EV Charging Point and Energy Management Software

A scalable EV charge point & energy management software that offers remote monitoring and control of your charging network.

"Keep your EV fleet fully charged and optimise energy with our cloud-based software, to provide a seamless charging experience to your fleet drivers"

EV Fleet Management Made Easy

Our EV fleet management tool allows you to simply view, monitor and manage fleet activity and offer support to drivers when necessary. Our EV charging software is cloud-based, thus support can be given from distance, saving you both time and money. Our EV charging platform will make sure that the EV fleet management is tailored to your needs and requirements, and can easily be connected to your own software and ERP systems.

"Go green and electrify your fleet while reducing OPEX and CAPEX and keeping your EVs always ready to go"

Manage Your Assets


Keep all data related to your equipment in one place, easily accessible to anyone with the required rights. Add location and ownership properties, power and communication configurations, and other related documentation of each charger to keep track over the growth of your network and simplify later maintenance.

Set up all your charging assets based on different parameters, from geo-location to connector, assign local points of interest and mark important location specifics that help with resolving support issues or field service.

Monitoring and Control

Monitor charging network operation and manage active charging sessions on any connector in the network 24/7. Plug&Play connection of OCPP compliant charging stations gives you full remote control over your equipment.

The system is designed for efficiency; it can manage large amounts of real-time data coming from the field and gives you quick access to any problematic unit.

Detailed dashboard or daily email digest keep you up to date with the latest status information from your charging network. Drill down into the details of every session with an option to export raw data for detailed analytics.

"A unique electric vehicle charging platform providing businesses and organisations the gateway to deploy and self manage their very own EV charging network"

Cloud Platform

Operational Excellence

A modular, scalable, hardware-agnostic tool that supports multiple charging use cases and scenarios. Offering real-time charger monitoring for maximum control, and remote issue resolution for a seamless EV charging experience. Our software offers integration with building management systems.

Seamless Charging Experience

An intuitive and easy-to-use EV driver mobile app for easy onboarding, charger location and availability information, reservations, custom alerts, and seamless charging on other networks with eRoaming.

Optimised Energy Management

Optimizes energy facility limits and lowers costs based on Time of Use (ToU) and priority capacity planning and optimization, integrates with local storage and renewables, and supports future bidirectional, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging.

Reduced TCO & Increased Monetisation

Maximises uptime and optimises utilization of existing infrastructure while reducing costs. Our platform offers convenient billing and payments, cost allocation among tenants, and guest charging services.

"Unlimited charging possibilities for your customers. Our EV roaming software ensures that EV drivers can charge at as many charge points as possible, hassle-free"

EV Roaming Software

The EV roaming software is included in our EV charging platform. We have connections to all major roaming hubs, and direct P2P OCPI connections. Being our customer automatically means connecting to other EV charging networks. We will take care of all the roaming contracts to save you all the paperwork and time. All is taken care of by our EV experts, so you can focus on building your EV charging business.

"Gain insight into your drivers' behaviour and energy consumption to optimise your EV fleet management"

The APP: EV Driver's Best Friend

Charging Station Booking Made Simple

The clean user interface offers a location search with extended filtering options, transparent pricing display and favourite chargers list.

Keeping an Eye on a Charging Station

Current session information is collected from the charger and transparently displayed on a single screen with push notifications on charging status.

Different Options of Authorisation & Payment

Charging sessions can be activated with QR code scan for greater convenience. Users can pay for the charging services with their credit card via third party service provider. Our software allows also the use of coupons for customer centered loyalty programs and promotions.

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The solution is ideal for commercial premises and public Charging Point Operators (CPOs).

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